5 Activities to Earn the Senior Girl Scout Collage Artist Badge


collageartistEveryone loves to do arts and crafts. This badge is perfect for those meetings where you want to get crafty and make some amazing masterpieces.

Find it in the Collage

Have girls make a collage with all kinds of objects. It can be a flat image with magazine pieces or they could do a found object collage with more 3d items in piece. At end have them put together a list of items people have to find when they look at image. The girls will have fun hiding the objects within the collage and other girls will have fun examining the other girls art work to find the objects that were hidden.

Instead of using poster board which is not as heavy for the collages use heavy canvas – you can get a 12 pack of 8 x 10 sheets from amazon here: CANVAS PANELS 12 PACK – 8″X10″
Of course they sell larger sizes as well so depends what size you want to make your collage.

No time to plan the badge and need it done for you?

CollagebookcoverHave fun earning the Senior Girl Scout Collage Artist Badge using the complete badge booklet for each girl.

The girls will learn about different types of collages, create multiple unique collages focused on color, composition, and using found objects. This booklet shares examples of different collages the girls can do as well as templates to use when creating their own. Complete this booklet and the girls will earn the Collage Artist Badge

Get your Complete badge booklet now!

What to do with all your collages at the end?

Now the girls have completed all the collages what should they do with them now. Have a little more fun as a troop and after girls are done making all their collages have the girls set up a art gallery for parents and other girls in troop(if multi-level) can come visit and view all their work. Make sticker labels for girls to put under each piece of work with name for work and artist name. And of course take a picture with each girl next to their 4 to 5 pieces to give to them at next meeting.