5 Fun Easy Steps To Earn The Senior Behind the Ballot Badge


cookieforyearI have been getting a lot of request for more ideas for the Cadette, Senior and Ambassador age groups. As we all know this is the age that is the hardest to keep them interested, avoid hearing those words “I am bored”, and still learn from their Girl Scout Experience.

Since it is an election year I thought it was fitting to work on ideas and a complete badge booklet for the Behind the Ballot badge for Senior Girl Scouts.

Do your girls know anything about the Government?

Start out by playing a fun board game. A Great Game to play is Coin Hopping Washington. Bring the spirit of Washington to your Girl Scout meeting. This board game takes you and your troop on a whirlwind trip through the nation’s capital, visiting famous landmarks, monuments, art galleries and museums. The goal? Place your citizens in positions of power. Learn the concept of balance of power, Visit famous landmarks, monuments, art galleries and museums.

Get your copy: Coin Hopping-Washington DC

Take the Guess Work Out of Planning

Time to have fun earning the Behind the Ballot badge, using the completely planned Behind the Ballot badge booklet.  It is generic enough that you can complete this long after a presidential election year.  In fact part of the booklet is about running your very own campaign to elect the Top Girl Scout Cookie of the Year.

What you will get in the “Behind the Ballot” Complete Badge Booklet

If you are looking for the best way to get your girls excited about earning a badge about voting this booklet is the key. With a mixture of arts, role playing, and games the girls will not get bored and learn a lot while having fun.

    1. Before you can run your own campaign you need to understand how a presidential campaign works. In the first activity called Road to the White house the girls will learn everything from the beginning of a campaign all the way to accepting the position and entering the white house. In this activity the girls will not be reading something and filling in blanks, instead they will create a visual poster showing the steps to the white house. If the girls want to go bigger, you could buy poster board and they could create their poster on a bigger canvas instead of a 8 x 10 that comes with booklet.
    2. After the girls understand how an election works, they need to understand the rights of a voter, laws in your state, and more information around how YOU take part in picking a president. This activity can be done individually or in groups to find the answers using the internet, or if you have the access the questions can be used as interview questions to ask your local voting facility.
    3. demoSeniorGirlScoutBehindtheBallot2748066The core of this booklet is the role playing using what they learned and the girls will run a full campaign from nominating their favorite Girl Scout cookies, voting for their party’s nominee, writing a speech, running a debate, making a slogan, designing an ad, writing acceptance speech.
    4. There is also additional activities included such as snack idea, Election Bingo, Bookmark craft, and activities related to elections in other countries.

This booklet will have your girls excited about registering to vote when they are 18. Everything you need is here, just buy the PDF and print a copy for each of your girls.

Get your Behind the Ballot booklet now



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