5 Fun Ways to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Celebrating Community Badge


Are you looking for ways to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Celebrating Community badge?  As you probably already know this badge is to help girls find out what makes our communities special and what we do to celebrate all the people in them.   Below you will find options for having your badge completely planned for you or if you just need a few extra ideas, there 5 additional ideas available.

If you were wondering what the Steps were to earn the badge they are as followed: 

  1. Explore community symbols
  2. Sing together
  3. Follow the parade
  4. Be a landmark detective
  5. Join a ceremony or celebration

Take the guess work out of planning

Are you a Girl Scout Leader struggling to plan this badge for you girls? Or just want all the work done for you?  If the answer is yes you will love the Girl Scout Celebrating Community Complete Badge booklet. It has everything you need to earn the badge for every step. The girls will learn more about symbols in their community, learn new songs, how to fold a flag, there are crafts and a number of interactive worksheets and added games to reinforce the subject. You will also get a copy of the freebie ideas you see in this post as well.  Purchase the Brownie Celebrating Community booklet now.

Thank our Soldiers – Service Project

Since we are celebrating our community what better way to show our American pride then to have girls make thank you cards for our active and/or retired soldiers. You can find a local organization that works with the Army to send the cards out to Soldiers.   There are a lot of things you can do. Have your girls write a letter, have them color a picture. You can get patriotic stamps and have girls design a card. Here is a great set with 6 different stamps: Patriotic Stampers

I found this great idea of using handprints off another persons blog: makeoverandmotherhood.com 

Patriotic Snack Ideas
Why not continue the celebration all the way to snack time.

  • Red white and blue – popcorn snack
  • Red white and blue – Fruit Mixture (little healthier choice)

Learn about State Symbols

Did you know every state in the United States has different symbols. I bet you don’t know them all even as a adult. Use this resource as a starting point to teach your girls about the different state symbols: http://www.kidzone.ws/geography/usa/

Make a banner and if possible walk in a parade

Make a reusable banner to walk in parades with your girls. If you create the banner to have your troop number in middle big, then add velco pieces along outside. This will allow the girls to make custom things to add to banner for whatever holiday you happen to be walking in.

Example girls could make American flags and red, white and blue decorations to velcro on for Memorial Day Parade.  If its Christmas make ornaments or christmas trees to velcro on.

Flag Ceremonies

Flag Ceremonies can be tricky depending on the type you will be performing. I found a great resource that breaks down every type of flag ceremony there is as well as some great variations to a ceremony. It came from Girl Scouts of Delaware: Check it out here

If you need other Brownie Resources you can find them in the Girl Scot Leader Connect Store Here 

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My name is Jodi Carlson, I was a leader of a Girl Scout Troop and a Girl Scout for Total of 25 years. I was blessed with a Son in March of 2015 and stepped down as leader. I decided after 25 years I have so much to share with other leaders I choose to continue building this blog and its a way for me to stay connected to scouts. If you need a specific idea feel free to email me or leave a comment I bet in 25 years I did something that I can share.