Everything You Need to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Inventors Badge


Kids are always trying to discover and understand how things work, what they do, who made them. Wouldn’t it be fun to invent something fun themselves.

After struggling with this badge with my Brownie girls, finding a activity that they enjoyed and making it fun I came up with the idea to put together a booklet where they could earn all 5 parts, get up and get moving a bit and learn something new all at the same time.

Earning the Brownie Inventor Badge with your girls, no planning ahead of time just print and your ready to go. Print one booklet for each girl and work through the activities. Save and use again and again if you continue to have new girls join your troop. The booklet also includes two great get up and get moving activities. Then when they are all done they can take their booklets home with them and share what they learned with their parents.

Girls will complete all 5 steps of badge with this booklet:

  1. Warm up your inventor’s mind with a brainstorming activity and a get up and get moving activity.
  2. Find lots of ways to solve the same problem
  3. Make a needs list of things you need at your meeting place.
  4. Girls will come up with a number of ways to solve the same problem, and sketch out inventions that they could make
  5. They will be able to make and share their invention

Earn the Inventor badge with the complete booklet now!

Additional Inventor Badge Idea

Practice Making Inventions

I found this great kit that will help your girls build a motor, a telegraph, a light-flashing generator and a real radio. Everything you need to do it is included in kit. Get yours here: Inventions Kit

Inventor Song

Get the MP3 here so you will have tune: Inventor’s Song (Accompaniment)
Oh it took Bell to make the telephone ring,
And it took Edison to light up our way.
It took Robert Fulton in a steamboat,
To go chug-chug-chugging down the bay.

Otis made the elevator go up,
McCormick’s reaper reaped the rye.
So when you’re spelling the word, America,
Don’t forget to dot the I….

for the inventors, don’t forget to dot the I!

George Pullman made the sleeping car
for railroad trips at night.
Lou Waterman made the fountain pen
so everyone could write.

Richard Hoe made the rotary press,
so we could get the news.
Charles Goodyear made the rubber
for the heels upon our shoes.

So if you talk about a new invention.
Incidentally don’t forget to mention….

That it took Morse to make the telegraph hum
Colt to make the Colt 45
And it took Henry Ford to make an auto
So that folks could go and take a drive
Howe knew how to make a sewing machine
The Wrights learned the right way to fly
So when you’re spelling the word, America,
Don’t forget to dot the I….

for the inventors, don’t forget to dot the I!

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