Everything You Need to Earn the Cadette Girl Scout Comic Artist Badge

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1If your getting ready to plan your Cadette Girl Scout meeting and need Cadette comic badge ideas look no further for the perfect planned out program to earn the Cadette Comic artist badge. I have had two groups of girls come through and earn this badge in my troop. The first group we just winged it and tried to complete each step exactly how it was described. The girls seemed bored and uninterested in what we were doing. So the second group came along and I decided to put together a program. I booklet for each girl so they could lead and do it on their own. We as leaders stepped back and watched our girls take turns running each activity and completing the book together. Not a sad face or a sigh of boredom in the room.

I put together the booklet I made and have it available for others to purchase and use with their troop. I can promise that you wont be disappointed.

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A breakdown of activities in the booklet

STEP 1 – Delve into the world of comics

We had our girls look through three different famous comics and read them figure out what they liked and disliked about them what the artist was trying to say and what was the punch line of the cartoon.  Then I took the famous cartoon Calvin and Hobbes removed the speech bubbles so the girls had to make up their own story based on the picture. After they did that we got together to share our new stories and of course afterward read the originals to see how close they were. It was a great way to dig into famous cartoons and also have fun doing it.

STEP 2 – Choose a story to tell

This gave the girls a opportunity to create a story of their own. They needed to pick the characters and a scenario.  If you are working in a group then make it a game. Have each girl start their story in first block then trade sheets with girl next to them and let each girl continue adding to the story block after block (without adding any speech bubbles that will come later) The girls had a blast making up new actions for the characters in the story. The best was each girl had a different idea of what was going to happen in the scenario so having them work together this way made for some very interesting stories in the end (After step 5 where we added the speech bubbles)

STEP 3 – Draw it out

The girls free hand drew what they could in the last step but in this step we helped the girls learn how to draw a cat and a dog step by step. We used scrap paper to practice till they got it just right then drew it again in the booklet and some girls even colored their cat and dogs.

STEP 4 – Frame It in four panels

One thing about cartoons the girls noticed in step one is there are a lot of facial expressions that are used in cartoons to show emotions. In this steps the girls were able to practice making different facial expressions. In the booklet is blank faces for them to draw faces but also a wide variety of eyes, noses, and mouths the girls could cut out and glue on faces. Then give a try at drawing that same face. Either way the girls had a blast making a variety of different facial expressions. We even grabbed some scrap paper so the girls could make more.

STEP 5 – Add the words

Last step to finalize the comic strip that was made in step 2 was to add the dialog to the story. There are a number of ways girls could do this –they could draw the speech bubbles on the strips or girls can cut out the bubbles provided and glue onto strip and add the story to them. Our girls kept the game going and each girl added one part of the story to each girls sheet. So using the characters and scenario selected a funny story was created.

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