Everything You Need to Earn the Cadette Girl Scout Public Speaking Badge


If your getting ready to plan your Cadette Girl Scout meeting and need Cadette Public Speaking badge ideas look no further for the perfect planned out program to earn the Cadette Public Speaker badge.

I have had two groups of girls come through and earn this badge in my troop. The first group we just winged it and tried to complete each step exactly how it was described. The girls seemed bored and uninterested in what we were doing. So the second group came along and I decided to put together a program. These booklets will allow your girls to lead and do it on their own. We as leaders stepped back and watched our girls take turns running each activity and completing the book together. Not a sad face or a sigh of boredom in the room.

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A breakdown of activities in the booklet

  1. Get a feel for performing solo – Two activities to allow the girls to perform alone. Girls will use topics to share a history that is sounds factual. The girls will tell a story using a opening statement provided in the booklet.
  2. Focus on body language – The girls will complete three activities: A charade game with a twist, truths and lies game, and game using their drawing skills and body language to communicate.
  3. Find your voice – The girls will complete two activities: Finding the right tone and emotion for a popular toddler book and play a game where the girls will use their voice and memory to complete the game tasks.
  4. Choose or create a piece to perform – The girls will complete two activities: Be creative and perform their very own improv act, and work on writing a speech for a special event.
  5. Get onto stage – It is time for the girls to perform together – included in booklet is a play about Juliette Low for the girls to perform.

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Game For Girls to get more Comfortable with being in front of people

Have your girls pull out a action out of bowl. Then have them take turns going in front of group and acting it out without speaking, then have them do a action speaking without actually saying what the action was on card. Using words in a way to help the rest of group guess what they are. Here is also a great charade game with even more ideas: Charades Party Game – Family Charades-in-a-Box Compendium Board Game

  • a bear riding a bike
  • an octopus water-skiing
  • a bunny dancing
  • a monkey climbing a tree
  • a squirrel burying a nut
  • a raccoon digging through the garbage
  • an ostrich burying his head in the sand
  • a camel taking a nap
  • a dog driving a car
  • a kangaroo boxing
  • a penguin going down a slide
  • a dinosaur playing hopscotch
  • a bird building a nest
  • an alligator washing a car
  • a flamingo drinking from a water fountain
  • a cat giving himself a bath
  • a fish going to school
  • an elephant riding a roller coaster
  • a pig playing hockey
  • a giraffe playing basketball

Charade list came from: http://www.momsandmunchkins.ca/2012/04/05/kids-charades-ideas/

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