Everything you need to earn the Ambassador Girl Scout On My Own Badge

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As a Ambassador Girl Scout you are very close to graduating High School and either going to collage or moving out on your own. Either way as a adult you will have the most success by knowing how to create and stick to a budget. This is a skill that is important at every stage of your life all the way through your retirement years. Get it right early and you will set yourself up for success in the future.

Many adults do not take the time to set a budget and find themselves deep deep into debt. By earning the On Your Own Ambassador Girl Scout badge the girls will learn more about budgeting, how to avoid financial pitfalls while learning to live independently from their parents and living their dream life.

Everything you need to earn this badge can be found in the On Your Own Printable badge booklet. The booklet includes a fun activity or game related to each step of the badge. Then a real world experience activity that will follow the fun activity. The booklet includes worksheets for budgeting for life, gift giving, and financial emergencies, a activity to create savings bottle for financial emergencies, a game of the Price is Right, role playing activity to learn more about finding a place to live and more.  Get a copy of the On Your Own Badge booklet by clicking here.

Few Additional Ideas to add to your meeting

The Bean Game

Managing money means making choices. There is never enough money available for all of the things we’d like to have or do. This game will help you decide what is most important to you. I found this online and have used it with my Seniors and Ambassador Girl Scouts. Get the pdf to print here

A Reality Check

Most teens want to become independent – to live on their own and support themselves financially — as soon as possible. To prepare for such independence, they need to know the costs. This activity will help them get started. Get the pdf to print here.

CashFlow Board Game

Escaping the Rat Race! It is a board game that you will battle your way out of the rat race by acquiring property, stocks, businesses and precious metals. You’re not just playing against each other; you’re playing against the housing market, the stock market and even Mother Nature. It starts you in a typical 9-to-5 job (that’s not the fun part) and takes you on a journey to build up an arsenal of assets that will propel you into the fast track where real wealth is built (the fun part). Get a copy of the game here: CASHFLOW Board Game.

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My name is Jodi Carlson, I was a leader of a Girl Scout Troop and a Girl Scout for Total of 25 years. I was blessed with a Son in March of 2015 and stepped down as leader. I decided after 25 years I have so much to share with other leaders I choose to continue building this blog and its a way for me to stay connected to scouts. If you need a specific idea feel free to email me or leave a comment I bet in 25 years I did something that I can share.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for this! My oDD’s troop is too busy to meet anymore, so she pretty much does things on her own. The pages and activities here were excellent discussion points and some of them she had a lot of fun with. We changed a few things to suit her needs – but the conversation was great! Thank you!

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