Everything you need to earn the Junior Girl Scout Savvy Shopper Badge


Shopping is fun for sure but what about when you start thinking about budgeting, deciding what you really need versus what you just want.  Girl Scouts has a great badge for Junior Girl Scouts to help them start understanding the difference between their wants and needs. While learning this the girls will have a better understanding of how to save money and buy the things that don’t lead to buyers remorse.

First off let me share the 5 Steps to earn the badge and a word document with all the requirements wrote out. You can get all the badge requirements for every badge here

  1. Explore your needs and wants
  2. Look into why you want what you want
  3. Find out what makes people happy (or not!) with what they buy
  4. Learn how to decide what to buy
  5. Make a plan to buy something you need or want

In todays post I want to share a few ideas I have found online that I think would be great to add to your badge earning adventures. But if your looking for something that will take care of every step of the badge with very little effort on your part. Look no further for the Complete Badge booklet can do that for you. The printable booklet includes activities, games, and worksheets to allow your girls to take over the meeting. With a step by step guide taking them through each section of the badge, you can’t ask for a easier way to plan your meeting.

Get your Complete Junior Savvy Shopper Badge Booklet now!






Needs Vs Want Activity

There are many people in the world who can barely get enough food and water to survive, while many of us are focused on our wants. I came across this amazing activity where girls will be able to explore and consider the 4 basic things that we need in order to survive and think about people who don’t even have those necessities. Check it out here

Discovering How Things Have Changed Over Time

What is most interesting about our wants is how the things we want at one time were probably things if they were available today we wouldn’t want them. For instance the phone, do you think kids today would be excited about a wall phone, or a computer that was heavier then them potentially.  Here are a list of 10 products that have changed drastically over time. 

Of course if you want the planning done for you the Junior Savvy Shopper badge booklet has a game where the girls will match up the then and now of over 30 products and discover how different their wants are from their parents when they were their age. Checkout the booklet here. 

Budgeting for the things you want

Everyone has a pile of wants and needs. There is never enough money available for all of the things we’d like to have or do. I found a great game using beans for money to help girls make the choices, and budgeting life. This game will help you decide what is most important to you. Click here to try the game

Using Your Allowance – Saving, Spending and More

Another great activity I came across is a the Allowance board game. You can get it from Amazon. It is a fast-paced game which is perfect for learning how to handle money, make change & more. It is perfect for teaching your girls how to identify money values, add & subtract money and how to use money they earn wisely. Get your copy here: The Allowance Game

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