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I get asked a lot what other resources are out there for Girl Scout leaders other than my site.  I have done a lot of digging on the web and have found some really good places to go to get not only ideas but also planned programs just like I offer here at Girl Scout Leader Connect.  There are blogs that leaders have started sharing what they have done, and of course you can browse pinterest to find endless ideas.  I try to share as much as I can on my pinterest boards from all over the web so be sure to stop over and follow all my boards: Girl Scout Leader Connect Pinterest

Where are the Badge Requirements?

Well this is a question I get asked regularly. And let me tell you I found a website where someone went through and transcribed all the badges into word documents. So you don’t even need the actual Girl Scout books anymore.  Here is that website to checkout

I am Looking for Fun Patches What are Best sites for that?

I have a few go to sites that I like to use. As many of you know Girl Scout Fun patches are nice but at a price point as high as many of them are we all find that its hard to justify spending over a dollar each on fun patches. Because of that we are always looking for other places to find patches.  I will list Girl Scouts official store, but be sure to check out these other 4 great sites for patches.

Other Blogs Related to Girl Scouts

While out on the web I have come across a number of Great websites that are either specific to Girl Scouts or have a number of post, category dedicated to talking about ideas for Girl Scout leaders.   Here are a few that I have found some great value in over the years.

Do you have any Girl Scout Resources you love?

Share them in the comments below so other leaders can have access to all the resources we find as a Girl Scout community.

Girl Scout Leader Connect Resources

If you love the ideas and resources on this blog, be sure to stop over to the Girl Scout Leader Connect shop for complete badge booklets that have everything you need to earn the badge, World Thinking Day Activities, fun and games, and each month more is added.   You can browse the shop CLICK HERE and buy directly on the website or if you prefer to shop on teachers pay teachers website everything is also listed there as well.

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My name is Jodi Carlson, I was a leader of a Girl Scout Troop and a Girl Scout for Total of 25 years. I was blessed with a Son in March of 2015 and stepped down as leader. I decided after 25 years I have so much to share with other leaders I choose to continue building this blog and its a way for me to stay connected to scouts. If you need a specific idea feel free to email me or leave a comment I bet in 25 years I did something that I can share.


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