Cadette Girl Scout Science of Happiness Badge


scienceThe science of Happiness badge it is all about measuring your own happiness and happiness of others. Your goal is to make your world a happier place.  If your girls are ready to take the happiness challenge, you can have fun learning what makes each girl happy by creating a individual journal exploring what makes you happy individually, what makes the group happy, and community.

Available in the Girl Scout Connect Shop is the complete badge booklet to do just that. When printing a booklet for each girl, they can use the information to design, create and discover everything there is to know about the subject of “Happiness”  Click here to get your booklet 

Why a Journal is such a good idea

The best part about this badge girls get to use their creative design side to create a scrapbook/journal, while spending the meeting chatting and talking to their friends. It covers all the areas of the badge and best part the girls have a blast learning about what and how to be happy.

The idea of this badge is take simple actions in their daily lives to change our happiness levels. They are all things that have shown that can positively impact a persons feelings of fulfillment and happiness. You want to be mindful, be grateful, and be kind to others.

How to use the booklet to earn the Science of Happiness Badge

promosciencehappinessimageGive each girl a copy of Science of Happiness complete booklet from the GS Connect shop here, a blank scrapbook/journal and craft supplies to decorate and put together the book. The girls can put their book together how ever they want. They can cut out the sections in the packet and put right in journal, others may choose to rewrite what was is in booklet in their own hand writing.

There are get moving activities to break up the time and girls can record how the games made them feel.

Once book is put together some parts you will do as a group. The happiness action plan they put together is for 30 days and girls can go home and complete and come back to meeting to share with group how the challenge made them feel.

Extra Fun – Create a Clipboard collage using Pictures

Make a collage on clipboard then it has a practical use as well. Each girl is tasked with finding photos/images/words they want to use to add to their collage things that they believe brings them happiness and fulfillment.  Then modge podge it.

Example of inside of one of the girls books below….

photo 3