Daisy Girl Scout Use Resources Wisely Petal

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Girl Scout Daisy craft As a Daisy Girl Scout, the girls have the opportunity to earn 10 petals. Each Petal representing a different Girl Scout Law. I really like the girls to earn a badge, petal or award. Even though the Girl Scout guide book does not call for 5 things for Daisy Girl Scouts to earn the Petals, I always try to include 5 different activities, crafts, songs, or games to reinforce the Girl Scout law we are covering that day. It is great to ask the girls on a later date what they did to earn that particular law and girls can always list off some of the activities and what it meant to them.

Use Resources Wisely Daisy Petal Requirements

The girls at this meeting earned the Use Resources Wisely Daisy Petal by completing:

  • Recycle Snack activity
  • Recycle party, Pirate Parrot craft
  • Recycle in my Home Song
  • Recycle oatmeal box monster craft
  • Daisy Petal Pack Kit for Use Resources Wisely Daisy Petal

Earn the Use Resources Wisely  Daisy Petal too. Read how to complete each of these activities for this petal on the GS Leader 411 Blog

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