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Games to Learn: Girl Scout World Thinking Day – February 22nd

WorldThinkingDayMemoryWhen planning your World Thinking Day event you may choose to find countries where Girl Guiding/ Girl Scouting exists. Learn a game, song, craft, recipe, or activity unique to those countries and share it with girls. Another idea is to learn more about the 5 countries that have the World Centres in them. Below are a few ideas for activities to go with each country and a great memory game to teach the girls all about the following 5 countries:

  • Pax Lodge is in the United Kingdom
  • Kusafiri is in Africa
  • Sangam is in India
  • Our Cabaña is in Mexico
  • Our Chalet is in Switzerland

Girl Scout FIVE World Centre Countries Memory Game

worldthinkingdayThis game will teach your girls 12 different facts about each of the 5 countries with the world centres. I created this game to allow for variation based on your Girl Scout’s level. You can decide how difficult you want to make it. You can play with Daisy and Brownies a more standard matching game – printing the cards twice and they find the pairs, you can make it more difficult for older girls and they must find all the cards matching their country card (one of the 5 world centre countries)

This printable will give you 4 different ways to play the game. Get your copy of the World THinking Day Memory Match Game now!

Additional Ideas for each of the 5 countries listed above….


Tortilla Toss
You will need corn tortillas and a permanent marker.  Have each girl write there name on a tortilla and then have them all stand on a starting line and throw their tortillas. The one with the tortilla that went the furthest wins.


Flower Foot Catch

Get some fake flowers and give each girl a flower (if its nice where you live in February and there are real flowers outside feel free to use those)  Each girl will stand with flower in between feet and toss in air and catch it on their foot. See how many times they can do it without dropping or losing balance. It is pretty hard but you can tell the girls in India children will often catch it 100+ times in a row.


Girls sit in a circle around a bowl filled with 20 to 30 marbles, small stones etc.   The first player picks one up and throws in air – make sure girls dont throw high that could hurt someone.  While its in air girls pick up as many stones they can before it touches ground one with most wins. Variation – play with balls or cotton balls.


Yodal Contest
Who can Yodal the loudest – give each girl a chance to yodal just like someone from Switzerland.

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My name is Jodi Carlson, I was a leader of a Girl Scout Troop and a Girl Scout for Total of 25 years. I was blessed with a Son in March of 2015 and stepped down as leader. I decided after 25 years I have so much to share with other leaders I choose to continue building this blog and its a way for me to stay connected to scouts. If you need a specific idea feel free to email me or leave a comment I bet in 25 years I did something that I can share.